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Apr 12

Newsflash: Twigs Are Not Inventions

By Luke Hastings | Blog

It all started like any other week… An inventor called for a professional assessment of his invention concept, or what AON Invent calls a Step Two, but that’s when things got weird. “What was his invention?” you ask. Good question! I’ll start by saying you could probably find one behind your house… I was able to sit […]

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Jul 17

Interview with Matt Fifer

By Larry Robertson, CEO | Blog

The other day, I sat down to do an interview with Matt Fifer, founder and CEO of Selling to the Masses… Selling to the Masses provides useful retail industry content and news for consumer product companies and product innovators. STTM also puts on several live trainings and networking events throughout the year. If you’re not […]

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May 15

The Innovation Paradox

By Larry Robertson, CEO | Blog

What is The Innovation Paradox? Good old Charlie Dickens said it best in his classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities: Both individual inventors and consumer packaged goods companies simultaneously face the greatest challenges and opportunities in recorded history. The demand for innovation has never been higher as retailers chase after exciting new products in an effort to […]

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Jan 18

Free eBooks for Business

By Melinda Martin | Blog

The newest addition to the resources page, we will be adding free business e-books as we find them. A brief disclaimer: These books are in no way, shape, or form business counsel from AON Invent. We are not making any money from them, and we are only placing them here for your enjoyment and/or reading […]

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