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AON Services and Costs

This is a three-step process.

If you are an inventor, you may have an idea that could change the world, but even then the odds of getting your invention to market by selling or licensing it to a large consumer goods company or retailer are not in your favor.  Even if you have the will and financial means to develop the product yourself, once you lay out the capital for a patent(s), product design, engineering, tooling, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, sales and distribution (which can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars), there is no guarantee that you will make a profit or, for that matter, recover any of your investment capital.

If you are a vendor to the retail industry, you face the constant challenge of “out-innovating” your competition, and while you are fully aware that normal, everyday Americans routinely come up with great ideas, the challenges and legal complexities of working with individual inventors are so frustrating that your company, like most others, chooses to avoid unsolicited invention submissions altogether.

Bottom line: The greatest obstacle to American innovation is the exorbitant toll costs on the long and winding road to market.

Here is a breakdown of our invention services and costs – we are fully transparent!

Step One: FREE

Here we show you how to vet the originality of your concept for free – before you spend a penny with us or anyone else. Keep in mind that you are under absolutely no obligation to do anything more, but if you’re encouraged by your results from Step One, you can move to Step Two.

Step Two: $249

This includes a one-on-one consultation with a member of our Invention Evaluation Panel, followed by a professional assessment of your product’s commercial potential by our panel of industry professionals – all under the protection of our mutual non-disclosure agreement. Each concept is rated on our “Star Scale” of 1-3 stars. Only 3-star assessments qualify for our third and final step, and you’re still under no obligation to move forward.

Step Three: $3,000

The final step is the most inclusive. During Step Three, AON Invent will: conduct a patent search and prior art search, file an attorney-prepared provisional patent application with the U.S. Patent Office, create CAD presentation and/or animation as appropriate, a video presentation for your product and provide all services related to marketing efforts, licensing negotiations and ongoing administration thereof.

While we cannot guarantee that we will get your product licensed, we do guarantee that decision makers of at least three leading consumer product companies in the applicable category will review all 3-star concepts. AON Invent will absorb all additional and ongoing cost of protecting and marketing your invention, and pay you 49% of the gross income received from royalties.

That’s all there is! The most you will pay AON Invent is $3,249.

Our Guarantee to you!

No one can offer you an iron-clad guarantee that your idea will make it to market. But AON will give you an honest, straight forward assessment of your invention and get all “patentable, 3-star” invention concepts in front of decision makers of at least three (3) applicable consumer goods companies.  We will never encourage any customer to spend their hard-earned money to go beyond the initial consultation unless we sincerely feel their concept has commercial merit.

What we will not do:

  • We will not promise you that we will license your product, but we absolutely assure you that we will try our utmost to do just that.
  • We will not waste your money by prematurely engineering your product or creating a “physical” prototype.  This will be done once your product has been selected by an AON Silo member.  As the inventor, you will never be charged for it.**
  • We will not take advantage of you or sell you a service that you do not need…ever!

If that sounds fair to you, go ahead and get started with our free Step One Blueprint.

If you have already worked through Step One to research originality and validate market demand for your idea, and you are ready for a Step Two consultation with one of our product experts, please click here:

Go to Step Two Now

*AON offers additional services and the above services a la carte, as well. Contact us for more information.

Get Our Famous Innovation Guide

Here is your free Step One Blueprint that has saved countless inventors time and money. If you believe you have a good idea for an innovative product, it is absolutely vital that you read this BEFORE spending a dime with us or anyone else. It contains simple techniques that could either make you money or save you money, but failing to read it could cost you thousands.