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Melinda is a blogger, graphic designer, and stay-at-home mom living in Palestine, Texas.

Jul 11

The 5% Invention Improvement Myth

By Melinda Martin | Intellectual Property

This discussion includes frank conversation about why companies rarely return calls to inventors and the debunking of the 5 percent invention improvement myth… Your  Larry and Andrew also discuss the difference between ideas and inventions and the importance for developing a project-specific strategy for dealing with prior art, before investing money on prototypes and patents.  The […]

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Jun 25

Frustrated Inventors Face Common Problem

By Melinda Martin | Inventors

We love hearing from inventors and respond to each and every letter, email and phone call, but a few years back, a frustrated inventor sent us an email that was so relevant to the invention community that we posted it in our archives for all to see. Date: 6/25/2013Subject: I want to scream… Hi. I just finished […]

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