Let us turn your unsolicited inventor calls into a steady stream of innovative products 

AON Invent is quickly becoming known as the "go to" resource for both individual inventors and product development companies, but did you know we can also help retailers?

Every day your buyers receive calls from inventors (many of whom are your customers) convinced they have an idea for a better mousetrap. Unfortunately, no one in your company has the time to sift through the hundreds of calls and emails necessary to find the occasional diamond in the rough.

Turning "great ideas" into "great products" may not be the business you are in, but it is the business that your company depends on to remain relevant. At AON Invent we call this the Innovation Paradox and have created a solution that is changing the way innovation goes to market.

Our team of product experts field those unsolicited calls that no retailer wants to take. We assess each concept on the basis of commercial merit, manufacturing requirements, and ability to gain patent protection. Viable items are given "3 stars" and routed back to the merchandising team of the referring retailer in a 60 second video that can be viewed at their convenience.

Think about it: all the benefits of hundreds of hours of inventor interaction, condensed into 60 seconds. And when you see something you want on your shelves, you have the option of buying the exclusive license and either sourcing the item yourself or referring it to one of your suppliers as a line extension. In either case our in-house design and engineering team can help get the new item to your registers 6-12 months faster than conventional methods, while lowering the net product-development cost and driving sales... because in this digital age, "merchandise innovation" is the most important part of the e-quation. 

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Meet The Minds Behind AON Invent

About Larry

Larry is the CEO and Co-founder of AON Invent. He has a proven track record across industries that include tech, retail, and financial services. While at Sam’s Club, Larry developed their first proactive sales strategy, which was credited with some of the largest same-store increases in company history.

He later teamed up with Ron Loveless to launch a product development firm that grossed $500 million in the first 3 years. He has vetted hundreds of individual product concepts and marketing strategies.

About Ron

Ron is the former SVP of hardline merchandise at Walmart, founding CEO of Sam’s Club, and author of “Walmart Inside Out.”

In 1979 Ron was named Assistant to the President, Sam Walton, and put on special assignments that included designing a new store prototype and writing Walmart’s Buyers Training Manual. As CEO of Sam’s Club, Ron led the company from inception to annual sales of $1.5 Billion in just 3 years.

His retail acumen has made him a highly sought consultant for consumer product companies around the world.

About Ben

Ben White has an extensive background in retail, infomercials, and media placement. He co-founded D2C Marketing, a company that provides low-cost testing of consumer products, and he also served in senior executive positions at Home Shopping Network. Under his leadership, HSN was the first to introduce entertainers to its sales programming, with celebrity appearances tied to select product lines for Susanne Sommers, Ivana Trump, Connie Stevens, Frankie Avalon, Tony Little, Vanna White, Dick Clark, WWE, NASCAR, and many others.

Ben is currently President of Star Shoppe Direct, LLC, a celebrity-driven and licensed-related product marketing company. He is also the owner and co-founder of Frankie Avalon Foods, a line of Italian products currently sold on QVC.

About Andrew

Andrew Bojie is the Co-founder of AON Invent and the founder of All Product Design, a consumer product development company located in NW Arkansas. He began his career with a mechanical engineering apprenticeship with the UK Ministry of Defense and spent the next 18 years honing his engineering and design skills within the retail industry, with a focus on packaging, display, and product design.

Andrew is also an inventor himself and holds a number of patents, which has given him keen insight into the challenges of taking innovation to market while fueling his passion to aid fellow inventors in kind.

About Jim

Jim Lewis is an information technology consultant with a career that spans product development, sales, marketing, operations, partner development, product readiness, and aftermarket support.

He began his career with IBM and has since held executive positions with Hewlett Packard, Motorola, and several startups. Recently, Jim served as CEO of US HealthRecord, Inc, an electronic health record company based in Fayetteville, AR.

His leadership resulted in USHR’s TeamLINKS product being “Meaningful Use” certified by the federal government for both the dental and medical market in February 2012, making its service one of only three certified for the American dental industry.

AON Invent is a full service "invention superhighway" dedicated to helping inventors bring their innovations to reality and connecting them with companies that are actively seeking innovative products. Together we are changing the way American innovation goes to the market.

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