Jun 28

Digital Judo is Changing Everything

By Larry Robertson, CEO | Viewpoints & Perspectives

 While the retail industry has been investing billions to develop technologies to improve the speed and efficiency of customer transactions, AON Invent has been collaborating with every-day consumers and independent inventors on four continents to develop new and innovative products for them to sell. After all, who knows more about the “stuff” people want to buy, than […]

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Jun 15

The Truth About Competitive Advantage

By Larry Robertson, CEO | Competitive Issues

“The one thing that ceases to exist the moment it is shared.” Many retailers see “private label” as their competitive advantage protecting their consumables margin, but what about broader categories of general merchandise?  Brick-and-mortar retailers need proprietary innovation in all categories and lots of it. This is no secret. All retailers and CPGs realize that innovation is more […]

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May 17

Myth #4: Retail is just about selling products

By Dr. Steve Caldwell, PhD | Steve Caldwell Series

Retail is about selling products, right? Well… sure but maintaining a healthy market is a bit more complicated and requires that exchange to remain balanced. Once that balance is disrupted, one party will eventually terminate the relationship. Peter Drucker said, “the purpose of a business is to create customers, profit simply validates the business model.” There’s no […]

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May 08

Myth #3: Innovation is Invention

By Dr. Steve Caldwell, PhD | Steve Caldwell Series

Many people consider innovation and invention to be synonymous.  Strategic discussions between retailers and suppliers of “consumer packaged goods” (CPGs) often include conversations about the importance of product innovation. While these companies realize they must innovate to remain relevant, their management may hesitate to implement the necessary change, especially if they have been conditioned to […]

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