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Oct 12

Airplanes, Semi Trucks & Baby Strollers

By Larry Robertson, CEO | Inventors

A few years back, Randy Haley and his wife Tawni, of Bryant Arkansas were having dinner with friends who had just spent a frustrating afternoon shopping for a baby stroller for their twins. Between the local mall, big box stores and the internet, their friends had looked at hundreds of strollers. Unfortunately, none offered the […]

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Apr 12

Newsflash: Twigs Are Not Inventions

By Luke Hastings | Intellectual Property

It all started like any other day… An inventor called to schedule a new product concept assessment, or what AON Invent calls a Step 2, but that’s when things got weird. “What was his invention?” you ask. Good question! I’ll start by saying you probably have one laying in your yard… Inventors News Flash, not all […]

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