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Jun 28

Digital Judo is Changing Everything

By Larry Robertson, CEO | Viewpoints & Perspectives

 While the retail industry has been investing billions to develop technologies to improve the speed and efficiency of customer transactions, AON Invent has been collaborating with every-day consumers and independent inventors on four continents to develop new and innovative products for them to sell. After all, who knows more about the “stuff” people want to buy, than […]

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May 15

The Innovation Paradox

By Brent Reader | Viewpoints & Perspectives

What is The Innovation Paradox? Good old Charlie Dickens said it best in his classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities: The growth of eCommerce is creating some of the greatest challenges and opportunities the retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has ever seen. We call this the innovation paradox. The demand for innovation has never been […]

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