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The world of the modern consumer goods broker (CPG broker) is incredibly demanding! Your clients depend on you to sell their products to retailers, and retailers expect you to bring them exciting product innovation in merchandise that will drive their sales, with success hinging on whether your items can beat your competitors’ products in terms of quality, price, packaging, and innovation. Speed is king, and results are expected yesterday.

At AON Invent, our goal is to provide the services you need, when you need them. We can help you help your client become more responsive to market opportunities: from creating new items that energize tired categories to designing improvements for their core products.

What’s an additional year of sales worth to you and your client?

It is not uncommon for our clients to bring us their buyer’s wish list and receive our concept renders in less than 30 days. There are often a couple of rounds or feedback-driven revisions, which we expect and welcome.  Then, once your buyer approves the final design, AON’s engineering team can usually have production files ready to send to your factory for tooling, within 2-3 weeks. That means your new products can be in production in as little as 90 days, compared to the customary 12-18 months.

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Infusing established items with new product innovations and improvements doesn't necessarily increase manufacturing costs. As a matter of fact, our team often manages to reduce mfg cost by  eliminating repetitive failures or adding new consumer-driven features that pay huge dividends. These improvements usually costs significantly less than starting from scratch with a completely new product.


Two of the most effective methods for reducing a product's net cost are re-engineering for cube efficiency and optimizing raw material cost. Using computer simulation or finite element analysis (FEA), we have helped some of our CPG clients improve their bottom line on individual products by 10-40%, without compromising quality in the least.


For years, AON Invent's team of graphic artists and structural designers had been known to many of the world's best-known brands, as the "go-to guys", for branding, custom packaging and merchandise displays - both temporary and permanent. Ultimately, this led to the launch of our sister company, Dare Devil Display Works. To find out what the best creative team in the business can do for you, visit or give 'em a call at (479) 378-0050. 


At AON Invent, we work with two streams of product innovation:

INNOVATION PUSH - Our Inventor Services division receives product submissions from inventors throughout the world. Each concept that we accept is vetted by our panel of experts for commercial potential, originality, and ability to gain patent protection. The ones that receive a three-star evaluation are pushed into the market through licensing.

INNOVATION PULL - Our Design and Engineering team receives requests directly from CPGs, retailers and brokers to improve existing products or create entirely new products as extensions of their brand.

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