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AON Invent is a full service "invention superhighway" dedicated to helping inventors bring their innovations to market by connecting them with companies that are actively seeking innovative products. Together we are changing the way American innovation goes to market while setting a new standard for ethics in the invention service and submission industry.

Hard Work. Honest Advice. 

My idea is great! Why do I need AON Invent?

Maybe you don’t! New products make it to market every day in America. However, it is estimated that for every commercial success, there are at least one hundred more that will never amount to more than an expensive paperweight. We help many people by rejecting those ideas that seem destined to fail, saving them from spending significant time and money so they can move on to better ideas.

Why do first-time inventors usually fail?

Very often, the first-time inventor focuses on the process of protecting their idea, while giving very little thought as to how or what their next step will be, if and when they receive a patent for their invention. When you consider the time and expense involved in getting a patent, added to the fact that more than half of all patent applications are denied, receiving a patent approval is certainly a milestone, but it is by far the easiest part of the process of turning an idea into a commercially successful venture.

Why do great ideas sometimes fail?

Failure is not reserved exclusively for bad ideas. Even the best ideas in the world have no intrinsic value. Value is created only by developing an idea into a tangible product or service that solves problems and enhances the lives of others. But none of that matters unless the consumer is made aware of the product and has an opportunity to purchase it in a convenient manner at a price-point that represents an acceptable perceived value.

So what does AON do?

In short, we sell TRUTH. Our first goal is to help you to evaluate your invention yourself, before you spend a penny with us or anyone else. If your self-evaluation is encouraging, and you choose to take the next step with AON Invent, we will enter into a mutual non-disclosure agreement and schedule a 20-minute consultation with one of our consumer product experts.

What happens next?

After your consultation call, our consultant will prepare a report that will be used by our staff and management to evaluate your invention and help you determine your next step. Oftentimes our suggestion is to “hang on to your money” or “head back to the drawing board to flesh-out your design.” All too often we run across inventors who spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to develop a product that had little or no chance of making them a single dollar. We are determined to not let that happen to you!

I have additional questions.

That’s great, because we are here for you! If you want more in-depth answers to the most common questions we receive, check out our FAQ page. If that still doesn’t answer your question, feel free to give us a call


If you find commercial success with your invention after we have assessed it a 1-star or 2-star concept, whether by developing it yourself or with the aid of another invention service company, AON Invent will publicly congratulate you here on our website and send you a check for five times the amount you paid us for our consultation services.

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Forget the 1-800-Promises. We Deal in Truth.

Lots of companies are happy to waste your life's savings on patents and prototypes for inventions with little if any market potential. We will never do that! What we will do is provide solid advice from experts who really understand what it takes to get innovations to market. Our process begins by having your concept assessed by a panel of seasoned professionals from the consumer goods and retail industry. Taking innovations to market should always begin with an honest assessment. At AON Invent, we believe the process of taking innovations to market should make sense for the inventor BEFORE is makes dollars for anyone else. Like what you hear? Join us today!