Apr 15

Birth of a Myth…

By Dr. Steve Caldwell, PhD | Inventors

If repeated often enough over an extended period of time, a “myth” can gain acceptance as “fact.” At that point, it begins to influence how we think, feel, and act – hence, birth of a myth. You have heard it said, “You can accomplish anything you want to if you just try hard enough.” Unfortunately, […]

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Apr 12

Newsflash: Twigs Are Not Inventions

By Luke Hastings | Inventors

It all started like any other day… An inventor called to schedule a new product concept assessment, or what AON Invent calls a Step Two, but that’s when things got weird. “What was his invention?” you ask. Good question! I’ll start by saying you could probably find one laying in your yard… Inventors News Flash, not all […]

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