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Product development in Days, Not Months!

Our collaboration with the American consumer and the CPG (consumer-packaged goods) industry is having a profound impact on product development, changing the way innovation goes to market. During our first 9 years in business, more than 400 of our collaborative innovations have made it to the shelves of major retailers, with dozens of additional items currently making their way through the process.

In-house Consumer Product Engineering and Design

Our consumer product engineering and design teams are second-to-none. Many times we can have engineering renders or concept mock-ups ready within two weeks. Once we have final design approval, our team can (under most circumstances) have production files ready for tooling within  a few weeks instead of the customary 12-18 months.

Reduce time and development costs by 50% or more

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Our Innovation Silo

Unlock a virtual depository of American innovation through our Silo program. Find new product concepts in a format that eliminates the inefficiencies and legal complexities of working with individual inventors. Our panel of experts vet and protect each concept presented in the SILO.

Meet our Invention Evaluation Panel

Each consultant on AON’s Invention Evaluation Panel is a seasoned veteran and highly qualified expert in the retail and consumer product industry.  The consultants evaluate each product concept on the basis of patent-ability, manufacturing complexity, potential marketing strategies, competitive challenges and overall commercial potential and then creates a report of their findings and professional opinions.

Be the first to review vetted concepts in your category

AON Invent is a full service "invention superhighway" dedicated to helping inventors bring their innovations to reality and connecting them with companies that are actively seeking innovative products. Together we are changing the way American innovation goes to the market... and be sure to check out our blog.