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Apr 12

Newsflash: Twigs Are Not Inventions

By Luke Hastings | Inventors

It all started like any other day… An inventor called to schedule a new product concept assessment, or what AON Invent calls a Step Two, but that’s when things got weird. “What was his invention?” you ask. Good question! I’ll start by saying you could probably find one laying in your yard… Inventors News Flash, not all […]

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Jun 25

Frustrated Inventor Sends a Letter

By Melinda Martin | Inventors

A frustrated inventor sent us an email today. I thought the best thing to do was to just share it and know that the complete conversation will be of much help to our community. Date: 6/25/2013 Subject: RE: I want to scream… I talked with 2 inventors today. One in LA and one Ft Lauderdale […]

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May 06

Single Product Inventors This Post Is For You

By Melinda Martin | Inventors

I want to scream! I talked with two, single-product inventors today on opposite ends of the U.S. One was in LA and the other in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately both of these incredibly talented individuals have wasted tens of thousands of dollars trying to build a company around a single product which is extremely difficult to […]

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