Welcome to AON Invent! We hope you will explore our entire site and follow us on Facebook but first we need to answer the questions that brought you here today.

AON Invent’s landing page is a living, almost-breathing page that is influenced by the questions we receive from the people we strive to serve – independent inventors like you.    

More than 320 of our product innovations and inventor-collaborations have made it to the selves of major retailers, since we opened our doors, on January 2, 2013. 

We have done this without incurring any customer complaints, litigious actions or (believe it or not) even a single refund request from our customers, for the services we provided.

The Better Business Bureau has NEVER had a complaint on us… not one! Check it out for yourself:

We live by a simple rule… “Our services have to make sense for you – the inventor, before we allow them to make dollars for us.”

Our team of experts is the best of the best and has decades of invaluable experience in all facets of the retail, consumer goods and product-development industries.

We will never try to sell you a service that you don’t need, but please don’t get mad at us if after reviewing your concept, our panel feels the world isn’t quite ready for your product and suggests that you save your money for your next invention, rather investing on the one you are currently working on. (Honesty can be kinda tough sometimes, but it is still the best policy.)

The more you learn about AON Invent, the more you will agree that we are the inventor’s best friend.

Since January 2, 2013, 93% of inventors who visited our site and used our FREE Step 1 Innovation Guide, discovered critical flaws and competitive conflicts with their inventions. This saved each of those individuals thousands of dollars and helped us demonstrate our commitment to the American inventor.