Challenges Facing Every Inventor

A Fireside Chat with the Founding CEO of SAM's Club

On a cold winter day back in 2012, AON Invent's co-founders, Larry Robertson and Andrew Bojie, sat down in front of the fireplace in AON's office with the late Ron Loveless Sr., founding CEO of SAM's Club and former head of hardline merchandise for Walmart Stores Inc. This informal conversation provides three unique, real-world perspectives on the challenges facing every inventor and early-stage developer of consumer goods. 

Having vetted untold thousands of new consumer products, product concepts and later, his experience as a board-level consultant for major brands, made Ron the obvious choice for the first seat on AON's "Invention Evaluation Panel". And unlike what some invention companies would have you believe in their seductive ads, Ron's experience debunks much of the hype and misnomers surrounding the invention service industry and the unavoidable challenges to developing and marketing consumer products. 

Please don't think we are trying to discourage anyone form pursuing their dream of getting their invention to market - far from it. After all, inventors and entrepreneurs are the people who change the world by making things better for the rest of us. But at AON Invent, we believe your pursuit of that dream, should make SENSE for you, BEFORE it makes DOLLARS for anyone else... Including us.