Our Invention Services and Prices

We are proud of our menu of invention services and prices. You see, here at At AON Invent, we sincerely believe that most people will have at least one (and often several) great ideas for new and innovative products, during their lifetime. Unfortunately, history has shown that even the best and most talented inventors who ever lived, had many flawed concepts along their path to success. And that’s why we made it our mission to help viable ideas get to market as efficiently as possible, while preventing flawed and nonviable concepts from breaking the creative spirit and draining the life’s savings of independent inventors, before their eureka moment.   

Invention Services and Prices

This is a 3-step process.

If you are an inventor, you may have an idea that could change the world, but even then the odds of getting your invention to market by selling or licensing it to a large consumer goods company or retailer are not in your favor.  Even if you have the will and financial means to develop the product yourself, once you lay out the capital for a prototyping, design and engineering, patent(s), tooling, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, sales and distribution (which can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars-even for a simple item), there is no guarantee that you will make a profit or, for that matter, recover any of your investment capital.

If you are a vendor to the retail industry, you face the constant challenge of “out-innovating” your competition. And like your competition, you are fully aware that normal, everyday Americans, routinely come up with great ideas. Unfortunately, previous challenges and frustrations of working with inventors has led your (and most other  consumer goods companies) to a point where you no longer accept inventor submissions. 

Bottom line: The greatest obstacle to American innovation is the exorbitant toll-rates on the long and winding road to market.

Here is a breakdown of our invention services and prices – we are fully transparent!

Step 1: FREE 

Here we show you how to vet the originality of your concept for free. Keep in mind that you are under absolutely no obligation to do anything more. In fact, since the beginning of 2013, ninety-three percent (93%) of the inventors who downloaded our Step 1 innovation guide, discovered major conflicts with existing products (prior art) without spending a penny with us or anyone else. If you are among the remaining seven percent (7%) and are encouraged by your results from Step 1, you can move to Step 2.

Step 2: $249. (Click to order)

This includes a one-on-one consultation with a member of our Invention Evaluation Panel, followed by a professional assessment of your product’s commercial potential by our panel of industry professionals – all under the protection of our mutual non-disclosure agreement. Each concept is rated on our “Star Scale” of 1-3 stars. Only 3-star assessments qualify for our third and final step, and you’re still under no obligation to move forward.

Step 3: $3,000 (Click to order)

The final step is the most inclusive. During Step 3, AON Invent will: conduct a global patent search and prior art search, file an attorney-prepared provisional patent application with the U.S. Patent Office (in your name of course), create a CAD presentation and/or animation as appropriate, a video presentation for your product and provide all services related to marketing efforts, licensing negotiations and ongoing administration thereof.

While we cannot guarantee that we will get your product licensed, we do guarantee that decision-makers of at least three leading consumer product companies in the applicable category will review all 3-star concepts. AON Invent will absorb all additional and ongoing cost of protecting and marketing your invention, and pay you 49% of the gross income received from royalties – and by being paid on the “gross,” you will never have to worry about the ongoing challenges and related cost of monetizing your invention, which includes various aspects of marketing, related travel and legal expense in addition to engineering and design modifications, sales audits and intellectual property maintenance and strategy. (It is a common practice to file multiple patents on various aspects of the underlying invention.)      

That’s all there is! The most you will pay AON Invent is $3,249.

Our Guarantee to you!

No one can offer you an iron-clad guarantee that your idea will make it to market. But AON will give you an honest, straight forward assessment of your invention and get all “patentable, 3-star” invention concepts in front of decision makers of at least three (3) applicable consumer goods companies.  We will never encourage any inventor to spend their hard-earned money to go beyond the initial consultation unless we sincerely feel their concept has commercial merit.

What we will not do:

  • We will not promise you that we will license your product, but we absolutely assure you that we will try our utmost to do just that.
  • We will not waste your money by prematurely engineering your product or creating a “physical” prototype before it is necessary.  This will be done once an AON Silo member shows an interest in your product. As the inventor, you will never be charged for this.**
  • We will not take advantage of you or sell you a service that you do not need…ever!

If that sounds fair to you, then please go ahead and download our free Step 1 Blueprint (below).

Once you worked through Step 1 and are satisfied with the originality and potential market-demand for your product concept, you are ready for our Step 2 assessment and consultation with one of our product experts. 

*AON offers a wide variety of additional services that include all aspects of product design, product engineering, computer-simulation testing, finite element analysis (FEA), and through our sister company, Dare Devil Display Works, we can even help you with branding, custom packaging, merchandise display and pack-out. Contact us any time for more information.