What inventors say about AON Invent...

"How to be the best invention services company in the industry" ...A word from our co-founder and CEO

When we assembled our team of consumer-product, retail and product-development experts back in late 2012. Our goal was to be the best invention services company in the industry. In order to do that, we had to harness the creative power of the American consumer and use it to create a steady stream of innovative products. That meant we would not compete with our client-base by taking things to market ourselves, but would license the innovations to existing brands – those determined to remain relevant in a fast changing world. Our mission was to become the world’s innovation exchange and depository. 

We knew the key to our future success would be our unrelenting focus on ethics. Now, some years later we have accomplished our mission without receiving ANY complaints from CPGs, retailers, or our inventor-clients and partners. This is due to our steadfast commitment to ethics and an honest assessments of each and every innovation submission. We are confident that this has saved our customers untold millions of dollars – dollars they may have otherwise wasted in futile attempts to develop commercially non-viable products.

Bottom-line? …. If we intend to remain the best invention services company in the industry Honesty” IS and always will be, the best policy.

Larry Robertson

Co-founder and CEO