Retail Connection

turning ideas into finished products

Every retailer and consumer goods supplier realizes the importance of the role innovation plays in their business.  Whether the innovation is an improvement on an existing product or presented in the form of a totally new product, it can be a highly effective draw that keeps customers coming back again and again. Turning ideas into finished products and then getting those products into the hands of consumers is a real challenge…and anyone who has achieved it will tell you that it is much easier said than done.

A Better Way

What if it were possible to buy an inexpensive metal detector, take it out of the box, flip a switch and immediately locate a deposit of valuable treasure?

Needless to say, that would be phenomenal but not very likely to happen in the real world. However, as an AON “silo member,” consumer goods companies are likely to draw comparisons between that very scenario, when they discover a treasure-trove of innovative product concepts: fast, efficiently and hassle-free in AON Invent’s Innovation Silo.

Membership is free but limited to consumer products companies that supply North American retailers. Every invention concept has been vetted by a board of experts who have carefully assessed each of them on the basis of market potential and manufacturability.  Our silo members waste no time digging through mountains of me-too items in hope of finding that special nugget of innovation. Think of it: a single place where you can view exciting new product concepts for your category with a click of a mouse…  And when you purchase an exclusive manufacturing and marketing license for an item, we provide you with a complete prototyping and design package that will allow you to get your new product to market in record time. This production-ready design service is what makes AON Invent, the “invention connection”.


Meet Sandra, she is a housewife in Idaho. She has three beautiful children and way too many sleepless nights to count. She also has a great product idea, that she believes should be in the stores right now. The trouble is, she has no idea where to begin or who to contact in the consumer products industry… and even if she did, unsolicited product submissions rarely get past the receptionist.  The problem is further complicated by the fact that consumer products companies simply do not have the time to evaluate the constant barrage of “ideas” streaming in from individuals, who all claim to have “the perfect product for their company.” So Sandra’s invention idea fell into obscurity…until now.


Turning ideas into finished products – the AON way

Sandra’s patent-pending idea, along with others that meet the standards of AON’s evaluation board will be placed into a secure Online storage called “The Silo,” for member companies to review.  A short presentation, along with the report from our team of experts and an estimate of the cost to finish development will accompany each concept posted for review. In short, we understand the process of turning ideas into finished products that consumers want to buy.

Securing an idea

AON Silo members can secure an exclusive product license on any item in the silo by placing a non-refundable cash deposit on the item. The full amount of the deposit will be credited against future licensing fees and AON will provide the licensee company with a complete production design package at no additional charge. This is a win-win because it can easily reduce the time-to-market by several months.

AON works on a first-come first-served basis.