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Jun 15

The Truth About Competitive Advantage

By Larry Robertson, CEO | Competitive Issues

“The one thing that ceases to exist the moment it is shared.” Many retailers see “private label” as their competitive advantage protecting their consumables margin, but what about broader categories of general merchandise?  Brick-and-mortar retailers need proprietary innovation in all categories and lots of it. This is no secret. All retailers and CPGs realize that innovation is more […]

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Jun 25

A Tragic Problem For Inventors

By Melinda Martin | Competitive Issues

We love hearing from inventors and respond to each and every letter, email and phone call, but a few years back, a frustrated inventor sent us an email that was so relevant to the invention community that we posted it in our archives for all to see. Date: 6/25/2013Subject: I want to scream… Hi. I just finished […]

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