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Melinda is a blogger, graphic designer, and stay-at-home mom living in Palestine, Texas.

Sep 30

Ask Larry: An Inventor’s Next Step

By Melinda Martin | Inventors

At AON Invent, we love to answer questions from inventors. Most of those questions have to do with invention evaluation, product evaluation process for existing products and suggestions for an inventor’s next step. Here’s an example of a recent inquiry from an inventor asking about what her next step should be and how the product evaluation process works. […]

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Jul 29

Inventor Assistance

By Melinda Martin | Inventors

Inventor assistance is the crux of our business! Below is an email that was sent to us by Mack in Oregon, who has an invention that is ready for market. But how does he get it there? That’s where we come in. I am happy to say that, although I can’t reveal the product yet, […]

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Jul 11

Taking Your Idea to the Next Level

By Melinda Martin | Inventors

In this 9 minute video, Andrew and Larry talk about the invention process and how to take your idea to the next level. If you’ve already gone through our Step 1 Self Evaluation, and feel your idea passed the initial test, CONGRATULATIONS. During the past five years, ninety-three percent (93%) of inventors who invested a few […]

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