Meet AON Invent

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AON Invent, a Professional Invention Service and “Innovation Superhighway”

For more than a decade, the AON team has been dedicated to providing the highest level of honest advice and professional invention services possible. That’s not to say that we’re the “only” legitimate invention company. We have no way of knowing how other companies work. But we all know the invention industry has nearly as many predators as the African Serengeti, so be careful.

It’s easy for an enthusiastic inventor to get caught up in the moment. And once an they receive a little encouragement, things tend to get expensive, real fast. In the invention industry, “affirmation” can cloud one’s senses. It’s important that feedback on your idea be unbiased. Just ask any parent of a newborn and they will tell you, their baby is the smartest and cutest baby in the world. Now we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling here, but in group of 100 inventions, there are a lot of “ugly babies”. 

Fortunately, among all those “ugly babies” sooner or later, most people occasionally come up with commercially viable ideas.  That means ideas that provide a solution to a problem that is “worth solving”. But believe it or not, not all problems are worth solving, (but more on that later). And when the perceived value of your solution exceeds the cost of the product, you have value. That’s a commercially viable idea.

The entire business model of AON Invent, is focused on first showing inventors how to vet their own ideas for free (Step 1).  Next we offer an independent professional assessment (Step 2). And if your idea qualifies, you have the option of going to our third and final licensing phase (Step 3).

Our process is not complicated, but it is highly effective. Since January of 2013, we’ve been helping inventors bring their innovations to reality. This is usually done by licensing them to established companies in the applicable category or trade channel. And our system works. It’s simply more efficient to “by a ticket” than it is to “build your own airline.” Our collaboration with inventors is changing the way American innovation goes to the market.

But if you would rather develop and market your idea yourself, that’s great. Our sister company, All Product Design is standing by to assist with design and engineering services. So regardless of whether you need a little help with your idea or are shopping around for a professional invention service to do the heavy lifting, we would love to hear from you.