Step 2: Professional Invention Evaluation

professional invention evaluation

Step 2 (click to see an example)

This is our most widely utilized service: our initial consultation and professional invention evaluation. This is where you schedule a thirty-minute private teleconference with one of our consumer product consultants. Each member of our consulting team has many years of experience in the consumer products and retail industry. They understand the intricacies of taking ideas from “napkin sketch” to store shelves and they are here to answer questions, provide unbiased feedback and give you sound advice, while assessing your concept. Most inventors find this process to be very interesting but it can also be a bit frustrating, since not every invention is allowed to proceed to Step 3.

After concluding the call, the consultant confers with other members of our Invention Evaluation Panel and completes a Professional Invention Evaluation Report, which includes assessment our your invention or concept, the basis of commercial potential and assigns it a rating of 1-3 stars. “2-star” ratings are promising ideas that, for various reasons, need to be re-imagined or revised before proceeding further with us or anyone else. “3-star” ratings are judged to be commercially viable and encouraged to continue to Step 3.

Note: It would be great if you could make a phone call, tell someone on the other end about your invention, and have them send you a check for a million dollars, but the industry just doesn’t work that way. Sometimes our advice may not be exactly what you wanted to hear, but it will always include an honest and unbiased assessment of your idea’s commercial potential that will help you decide what to do next. The primary purpose for Step 2 is to minimize our customer’s capital risks by preventing them from spending more money on concepts that we believe have little or no commercial potential. If you haven’t yet gone through our free Step-1, please do so before ordering a Step-2 assessment.

30-Minute Phone Consultation and Professional Invention EvaluationInvention Assessment Step 2


Our Guarantee To You: If you find commercial success with your invention after we have assessed it a 1-star or 2-star concept, whether by developing it yourself or with the aid of another invention service company, AON Invent will publicly congratulate you here on our website and send you a check for five times the amount you paid us for our consultation services.

Larry Robertson,

CEO, AON Invent