The World’s Most Versatile Baby Stroller, inspired by Airplanes & Semi Trucks

By Larry Robertson, CEO | For and about inventors

Oct 12
World's most versatile baby stroller

A few years back, Randy Haley and his wife Tawni, of Bryant Arkansas were having dinner with friends who had just spent a frustrating afternoon shopping for a baby stroller for their twins. Between the local mall, big box stores and the internet, their friends had looked at hundreds of strollers. Unfortunately, none offered “all” of the features they were looking for. In a nutshell, they were looking for the world’s most versatile baby stroller.

The ideal stroller would give both of their children, unobstructed views in ANY direction. I.e., both facing left or right to avoid neck strain, when strolling through the zoo etc. It needed to be versatile enough to quickly shift from side-by-side configurations to in-line, for crowded streets and stores. And most importantly, it needed to allow the children to interact face-to-face (when they are playing nice) and separate them (back to back) when things go grumpy… in short, they wanted to optimize the stroller experience for the present activity, environment and mood of the children…

Normally, a conversation like this would have ended when the check arrived, but Randy Haley is an accomplished aerospace and automotive structures engineer who knows how to solve problems… and he also knows the number to AON Invent.

For information on exclusive licensing of the (utility) patented, multi-configured double stroller, email info@aoninvent.com or call 479-855-6699.

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