Step 3 Invention Licensing Service

invention licensing service

Invention Licensing Service

Step 3 is our invention licensing service and is where the ball really gets rolling, but this phase is reserved exclusively for inventions that received 3-star assessments in Step 2. We do not want enthusiastic inventors to waste their hard-earned money by purchasing this service prematurely. For your protection, we have added a manual component to the order process. In order to proceed to Step 3, please submit a request for the Step 3 purchase link. We will review your file and if we feel that you and your product are indeed ready to proceed, we will send you an email that contains the purchase link for Step 3.

After we send you the purchase link and you complete your purchase of our Step 3, invention licensing service, we will launch a global search for “prior art” related to your invention.

What is “prior art”?  

Usually, when inventors think of a “prior-art search”, the first thing that comes to mind is a patent search. While a patent search is certainly a major part of this process, it is only one component of a much broader search that includes all forms of information that has been disclosed to the public about the invention, such as: published articles, public demonstrations or marketing efforts of any similar invention that predates your claim.

If the prior-art search comes back clean and produces no major conflicting inventions, our attorneys move quickly to file a provisional patent application on your behalf, as the inventor. This will protect your invention for 12 months with “patent-pending” status and allows our team to proceed with the remaining services, which include:

  • creation of a media-rich presentation for your product concept or invention
  • present the above presentation to our consumer products evaluation panel for their assessment on the basis of manufacturability, technical and design aspects, competitive strategies and market potential
  • assess the overall commercial potential of your invention

If insurmountable issues arise from the boards evaluation, AON will release the invention back to the inventor along with the boards feedback, results of the prior-art search including, patent search and the provisional patent application. This may terminate AON’s involvement with the invention. If the invention still appears to be commercially viable at this point, it is placed in AON’s Innovation Silo where it will be viewed by consumer product companies who are searching for new products to either expand their line or replace an existing product within the respective category. If a consumer product company shows an interest in your invention within 270 days from the provisional patent filing date, AON will then:

  • negotiate licensing terms with interested parties
  • complete a manufacturing design package of your invention for the licensee
  • collect and distribute licensing fees according to our agreement

Please Note: AON Invent is NOT in the business of collecting fees for inventions that we believe have little or no commercial potential. Step 3 services are therefore reserved exclusively for inventions that have received 3-star evaluations in Step 2.

If the prior-art search produces a conflicting product that predates your claim, we will provide you with a detail of our findings that will help you determine what your next step should be. Hopefully, you will be able to redesign your invention or make substantive improvements to the preexisting invention that will be patentable. If this situation occurs, AON will make every effort to accommodate your design revisions without any additional cost; however, if your design revisions take your invention beyond the scope of the original search, it may be necessary to run an additional patent search. The cost of a subsequent search in this case will be $425.00. Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure the originality of any invention without going through this very important process.

*While the provisional patent application will be filed solely in the name of the inventor, AON Invent LLC maintains a controlling interest (51%) in each invention that processes through our Step 3. ” This allows our team to make decisions as needed, on a timely basis throughout the process and enables our retail experts to negotiate on the mutual behalf of the inventor and AON without being disadvantaged by unrealistic expectations or simultaneous sales efforts outside of AON. If after nine (9) months/ 270 days in the Silo, the product has not been licensed, AON reserves the right to either of the following, at AON’s sole discretion:

  1. relinquish all rights to the invention back to the inventor, allowing sufficient time for the inventor to apply for a non-provisional patent if they desire to continue to develop their invention independently or:
  2. file a non-provisional patent in the name of the inventor at AON’s expense in exchange for an extension of AON’s control and equity for an additional twenty-four (24) months after the non-provisional patent is issued.

If the invention is licensed under either of the above scenarios, AON will refund the inventor one-hundred percent (100%) of the fees paid to AON from first monies received from the licensee, prior to commencing with the 49/51% revenue division.

This agreement will automatically renew on an annual basis for as long as licensing fees are generated by AON’s efforts. All expenses related to the invention while under AON’s management will be the responsibility of AON Invent LLC.

To request our Step 3 invention licensing service, click the link below. An order link will be emailed to you after reviewing your invention submission to confirm your 3-star evaluation. This added step is done in an effort to minimize the monetary risk of inventor-clients who may be willing to take more of a risk than AON Invent feels is appropriate.

If you prefer to pay by check or money-order, please let us know and we will send you an invoice via email or U.S. mail. 

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