Who Is AON Invent?

By Andrew Bojie | Inventors

Dec 15
who is AON Invent?

Who is AON Invent and what is different about our methods as compared to the way other invention companies work with inventors?” Inventors from around the world have been asking those very questions. The video below provides answers them in addition to a brief overview of the services we provide for product innovators! 

We are a full-service invention superhighway, built by a committed team of industry professionals who are dedicated to providing our inventor customers with everything they need to go from napkin-sketch to the sales presentation of a major consumer products company. This is the power of the AON Invent model. Situated in the retail capital of the world, home to the marketing teams of more than 1500 consumer goods companies who have established a presence here, at Walmart’s world headquarters. 

For years our sister company, All Product Design, has been aiding consumer goods companies with product development and innovation, as well as helping inventors. After designing a product for an inventor, APD will try to connect the inventor with one of the many companies in the region that constantly strive for innovation in their lineup.

Building on this model, our vision was to level the playing field so that anyone with a new product concept could have their idea professionally vetted at minimal expense and then present commercially viable concepts to companies that are both supplying related products to retail and also continually searching for new items to reinvigorate the merchandise assortment.


About the Author

Andrew is the co-founder of AON Invent and the founder of All Product Design, a consumer product development company located in Northwest Arkansas. He began his career with the UK Ministry of Defense and spent the next 18 years honing his engineering and design skills within the retail industry, with a focus on packaging, display, and product design.