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Lego Leg Creation

By Melinda Martin | Inventors

Jul 04

Christina Stephens’ Lego leg creation is way above and beyond the little piddly Lego ideas we’ve had.  I like her sense of humor.  Not only did she video herself making her Lego leg creation, but if you will notice, on her “good” leg, she has a tattoo on the calf that has a question mark pointing to her missing leg.  Being able to laugh at yourself is a trait that few have mastered.

Lego Leg Creation

Do you have a disability?  Allow it to enable your creativity!  Some of us have physical  disabilities, while others struggle with internal or mental disabilities. Or emotional disabilities. (Make me feel better, and tell me that you have them, too.) Scars. Wounds. Missing pieces.

The top of her leg has a tattoo that says, “One Life.”  She is obviously carpeing her diem!

Read the full article on Christian Stephens and her Lego leg by Liz Neporent with ABCNewsBlog here.

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