Innovation update – Summer 2022

By Larry Robertson, CEO | AON in the News

Aug 05

We’ve been kinda quiet on social media platforms these past few months. That’s because the AON team has been completely covered up with projects. Several of the “innovative seeds” that had not yet germinated, decided to all sprout at the same time… and we’re not talking about subtle improvements to existing products. Some of these inventor-collaborations are major industry disrupters of the highest order.

As AON Invent approaches our 10-year anniversary, we are all grateful that our team has stayed true to our original commitment to ethics. We have done everything we can to prevent enthusiastic inventors from wasting their life’s savings on products that are destined to fail. We know that’s never easy for anyone to hear but trust us, it’s so much better to hear it early on, than it is after discovering there is no market for your product, after depleting your savings, racking up your credit cards and taking out a second mortgage on your home, only to discover that someone else made the same mistake ten years ago.

Adherence to our ethics policy has resulted in our having never been on the receiving end of a litigious action and not even one consumer complaint – EVER. That is a huge accomplishment, not only for AON Invent but for the entire invention-service and product-development industries as a whole. In the coming weeks we will be making several major announcements that are sure to resonate around the globe. Curious? Well, for starters one of our innovative products has been selected to become a standard issue for all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces… Yes, seriously. Another innovation project that we’ve worked on with an inventor for the past two years, may soon allow one U.S. city to become the first in the world to provide a total solution for plastic waste. That means the end of plastics going to their landfill… Skeptical? Good, that will make this even more fun because there’s a lot more coming. Stay tuned to your social media platform.

About the Author

Larry is the CEO and co-founder of AON Invent. He has enjoyed a career that has spanned sales, marketing, and product innovation for companies that include subsidiaries of AMR/American Airlines, Learjet and Sam's Club. In 1995 he teamed up with Ron Loveless, the founding CEO of Sam's Club, to launch a marketing and product development firm that grossed $500 million in its first 3 years. Over the past 20+ years, Larry has personally vetted over 1,000 product concepts and marketing strategies.