Inventor Series: YouTube

By Melinda Martin | For and about inventors

May 08

As part of AON’s Inventor Series, this week we are showcasing the inventors or YouTube


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I use YouTube on a daily basis, and I bet you do, too.  I have been able to increase my knowledge base extensively in a variety of subject matters:  sewing, music theory, science experiments, crafts, and definitely human stupidity.

AON Invent even has our own YouTube channel that is focused on taking you alongside us and passing on knowledge about how the invention industry works.  (We are migrating our videos over from our sister company’s channel, so our previously viewed content can be seen there.)

Keep in mind what motivated these guys to pool their technical skills and creative talents in the first place. It wasn’t the a get-rich-quick scheme. It was “simply” a method of cataloging video content on the World Wide Web and making it easy to find content by subject matter.

I think it’s safe to say, they accomplished their mission. Today, one would be hard-pressed to think of a topic NOT easily found on YouTube. When faced with life’s daily challenges, ranging from assembling or disassembling just about anything, to repairing or maintaining an automobile or household appliance to pruning a rosebush, chances are someone has posted a video on YouTube that will show you how to do it. Who wants to fumble around with a poorly worded instruction manual and blurry sketch when a color instructional video is just a click away? Right?

When it comes to the rewards of invention, the sky’s the limit. In the beginning, I am sure these bright young men had no idea how their fledgling company would change the world… what it would evolve into and how it would soon be used by individuals, businesses of all sizes and governments around the world. Congratulations gentlemen!

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