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What people are saying about AON Invent...


Nobody Better!

I am into this process only three weeks, and already they have presented my idea to several companies with names that are household words. Everybody knows them. They have done other things for me that went far above and beyond the call... On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being perfect, these guys get a 10.

Paul Stone Engineer and Inventor

Saved Me a Fortune!

Not sure if my idea could make it past [Step Two], but it sounded a whole lot better than finding out I burned through a $500,000 investment! Absolutely fascinating talk! Thanx a million, I'm not done yet!

Ann Omalley Inventor

Inventors Need Tough Love

If you're an inventor... AON Invent is the company you want on your side. They'll be brutally honest with you, let you know if your idea is worth pursuing, and prevent you from wasting your money if it's not.

Gerardo Cervantes Product Developer

A word from our founder...

The unusual aspect of our success as an invention service company is that it has been accomplished without receiving ANY complaints from CPGs, retailers, or our inventor-clients and partners. This is due to our steadfast commitment to honest assessments of each and every innovation, which we believe has saved our customers untold millions of dollars that they may have otherwise wasted in futile attempts to develop commercially non-viable products.

Larry Robertson, President and CEO