Cemeteries: America’s Great Innovation Depository

By Melinda Martin | For and about inventors

Apr 24
American Graveyards Innovation Depository

Here at AON Invent, we feel that two things have turned America’s cemeteries into its biggest innovation depository: 1) the fear of failure, and 2) the lack of resources. The trouble is that if you have the idea for a product (and we believe that every person at some point in their life probably comes up with a viable idea for a product), then the next step is “the big one.”

One person looks at their idea, believes in it, but believes that it will cost way too much to get their idea from the napkin sketch to retail and walks away, in effect taking the idea to the grave. This is the majority of people, and if you are in this group, you are far from being alone.

The other person is the brave pioneer that holds their idea aloft and cries to the world, “I will succeed!!!” Let me tell you, while we are all rooting for guy number two, he may not be the smart one in the group – at least not yet.

You see, it is this very desire to succeed, no matter what, which could easily ruin this guy. I know people that have given up their job to pursue their idea, then their savings account, then their college fund, then their house, and, finally, admit defeat, jaded at what might have been.

What AON Invent can in effect do for you is give you the power to fail. Yes, you read that right: the power to fail.

Sounds strange, but would you be willing to swing on the trapeze? I bet it would make a big difference knowing that there was a safety net, right?

And that is what AON Invent is–a big, spongy safety net. Our philosophy is pretty simple – to shut down ideas that are not viable at the earliest and most cost effective stage and to get viable items into the hands of those that are actively seeking them.

This means everyone can afford to take the chance, chase the dream, and, yes, can even afford to fail.

A person who never fails is a person who never challenges himself/herself.

About the Author

Melinda is a blogger, graphic designer, and stay-at-home mom living in Palestine, Texas.