Taking Your Idea to the Next Level

By Melinda Martin | For and about inventors

Jul 11
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First Step to Inventing

In this 9 minute video, Andrew and Larry talk about the very important, first step in the invention process. It all begins by resisting the temptation to jump ahead or skip the self-assessment process altogether. After all, you already know your idea is golden. Right? Because if you didn’t believe in your idea, you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Now, we realize you are eager to get started, but we want to remind you. Failing to thoroughly work through “Step 1” can be very expensive in terms of both, time and money. So please keep that in mind as you read through our FREE, ten-page, innovation guide. It will help you identify problems at the earliest possible stage.  

Then, once you’ve completed your Step 1 Self-Evaluation, and are satisfied with your results, CONGRATULATIONS. That first step is often the most important. In fact, since our launch in January of 2013, ninety-three percent (93%) of the inventors who invested a few hours in Step 1, discovered critical flaws and/or conflicts with existing products or patents (prior art).

Sometimes those conflicts are minor, and can be easily overcome by modifying the design or function of the concept or invention. Others pose near insurmountable obstacles and may be best to abandon and move on to another idea.      

The best part is that inventors are finding these problems without spending a single penny with us or anyone else. And we believe that’s a good thing, because they are able to quickly put that “old” idea behind them and move on to their next one.

So, when you’re ready, with an idea that passes Step 1 to your satisfaction, you’re ready to schedule your Step 2 Assessment & Consultation to see what the experts think about your invention, and they can’t wait to hear from you. (Good luck!)  

About the Author

Melinda is a blogger, graphic designer, and stay-at-home mom living in Palestine, Texas.